D I N E T   Consulting Inc.
275 Slater Street, Suite 900,   Ottawa, Ontario,  CANADA  K1P 5H9
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  Data Integrity / Information Reliability/ NETworking  
We are a Canadian firm, incorporated on January 30th., 1984 with our Head Office in Ottawa. We are consultants in :

We help senior management, technical and administrative staff and end-users in government, commerce and industry to:

DINET is a solutions-oriented company. Our solutions-related services are provided through compatible operating divisions.

Get in touch with us
  • by telephone at (613) 230-6749 or (613) 230-0446
  • by fax at (613) 230-1900
  • by electronic mail to decs@dinet.ca
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    DINET Consulting Inc.,
    275 Slater Street, Suite 900,
    Ottawa, Ontario,
    CANADA K1P 5H9

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